Presets by skye & freja

Artistic trendsetters and besties, Skye & Freja have designed an inspiring range of presets to help established and upcoming Instagram influencers, photography enthusiasts and wanderlust chasers create Insta worthy pics, in just a few swift actions.

Having an avid following of their own, both Skye & Freja have used these presets to create engaging content on their own feeds. Their iconic style and captivating images have inspired a suite of unique Lightroom CC Presets that can be easily used on desktop and mobile. Each preset is designed to take your photo to the next level and create a wow factor that will be the envy of some of the most highly regarded content creators on social media.

What are Presets?

Presets are a customised filter that can be easily applied to any image by using the Adobe Lightroom CC app. Skye and Freja work hard to create captivating presets that tell a story and set a mood. They do the hard work, so their users have the best possible selection of presets to choose from, that are also super easy to apply to your own photos.

By using Presets by Skye & Freja you’re just a few clicks away from creating content that oozes confidence and gives your images a unique transformation.

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