What are Lightroom Presets?
Lightroom is a professional photography-editing suite created by Adobe. We use
Lightroom to edit all of our photos you see on our Instagram feeds.
A preset is a one click filter to make your photo look a certain way or style. When
editing our own images, we can change and adjust many settings on Lightroom
to achieve a unique look. If we really like the outcome of a certain edit, we then
save that as a preset, so it can be easily applied to other images. The presets we
make available for purchase are the exact presets that we use ourselves when
editing our own photos.
What programs do I need to use these presets?
Our presets are designed for Lightroom Classic version (OSX / Windows). They
can be used on Lightroom desktop & Lightroom mobile. Lightroom mobile is free.
How do I use Adobe Lightroom CC presets?
It’s super simple! Once you purchase a preset pack, you will receive two emails.
One email will be your receipt and the other will be the presets you purchased,
ready to download.
In the email containing your receipt, you will also find a how-to guide that shows
you how to install your new preset to desktop and mobile devices. Once you
have your presets installed in Lightroom (either desktop or mobile), you then
simply upload your pictures you want to edit and flick through the preset options.
Choose your preferred preset for that particular photo, and voila! 
You can also watch the installation guides here:
For Mobile, click here to watch: 
For Desktop, click here to watch: 
Will the presets work with iPhone photos?
They sure will! These presets will work best with RAW images when shot on a
DSLR (or similar), however, they do also work on JPEG’s and iPhone photos.

We have tested these packs on a variety of different skin tones, light, backdrops
but keep in mind that every image is different. Since all images are different, you
may need to do some adjusting and tweaking to achieve a particular look you
like. This is super easy. We have created a ‘how to adjust presets’ tutorial video
on our IGTV. You can view it here:

How do I install the Presets once I have purchased them?
Once you purchase your preset pack, you'lll receive a confirmation email. In that confirmation email, is a link to a tutorial video we have made to show you have to install the presets to your mobile or desktop. You can also view the tutorial here:

Refund Policy
Presets are instant digital downloads and they cannot be returned, therefore, we do not offer refunds on any of our products. If you have any enquiries regarding your purchase, please email us at hello@presetsbyskyeandfreja.com